Set in 2043, Emergence is a saga of groundbreaking science, conflict, corruption, betrayal and flying saucers.

Emergence by Oxney King

My first science fiction novel Emergence, in part, follows the exploits of astronaut and test pilot Si Campbell.

After a horrific accident left him quadriplegic, the double amputee has been rehabilitated by integrating semi-organic nanotechnology and a neural interface into an artificial spinal cord.

To choreograph the complex signals from his nervous system to and from his brain an AI with a female persona, Cerebri is included in his augmentations. Together their unique abilities mean they are the perfect choice to test pilot a prototype spacecraft with a revolutionary new propulsion system.

The book also sees humanity at conflict with itself (yet again!), both on the Earth and in space, with the two main protagonists United Americas and Greater China vying for dominance.

Emergence by Oxney King

A massive increase in solar flare activity and the resultant fallout bathing the Earth in radiation has necessitated that the squabbling nations collaborate, building a network of field generating satellites to aid the planets natural magnetic defences.

There’s upheaval in global politics; when social media platforms, reflecting the disenchantment of their users with the established order, combine their user bases to elect advocates to speak on matters of concern, to the fury of mainstream politicians.

Then, of course, there are the aliens…

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